Case Study

How we did it:

The first task was to remove all the existing scree, rubble and debris that made up the surface of the gateway and drive. We then excavated the area of the driveway down to a depth of 250mm, and cleared away all the spoil, taking it off for safe disposal.

The next step was to turn our attention to the aprons at the entrance and exit of the driveway, which were destined to become the most interesting feature of this project. We set them with four rows of reclaimed cobblestones – more than 200 years old – that were sourced from an old dairy in Lincolnshire which underwent modernisation.

The rest of the excavated driveway area was covered with a weed-proof matting, on top of which we laid aggregate and compacted it to the required depth.

The aggregate was topped with a layer of sand to ensure a smooth surface, and we then added stabilised gravel grids which would keep the final layer of gravel in place.

These heavy-duty plastic grids with honey-comb shaped spaces are designed to stabilise the gravel when it is spread across them while still allowing for good drainage. We filled the grids with an attractive golden-hued angular gravel, chosen by the client, and the result was an impressive, neat sweep of gravel driveway accessed over charming vintage cobbles.

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