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There are numerous reasons why gravel is the most popular material for covering driveways – as
well as other outdoor spaces like patios, car parks, pathways, stable yards and even rural roads.
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Firstly laying gravel is probably the most cost efficient way to create a dry, even expanse to walk or
drive on, particularly if you have a large area to cover.

Aesthetically gravel is a natural material, made of crushed rock. Different colours and grades of
gravel are available to complement your building or house depending on what type of rock is
involved. It’s certainly a more attractive and appropriate option for residential driveways than
concrete or tarmac, particularly if you have a traditional or period property.

One of the best things about using gravel for a driveway is that when it is correctly installed it is
permeable, allowing for natural drainage of rainwater, replenishing the groundwater and preventing

Here at Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd. we continually sing the praises of gravel driveways and recommend this
material to our customers for driveways in Somerset and Buckinghamshire, particularly those with a
tight budget, because it not only looks good, is versatile enough to suit any space, but is also
incredibly durable. A well-laid gravel driveway will last you for years.

When we say “well laid” we don’t mean just dumping a load of gravel on a driveway and spreading it
out with a rake! In fact, we are often called in to rectify the mess that results from such a D-I-Y
approach to laying gravel, which can cause disasters like cars sinking in and even getting stuck,
spinning wheels sending stones clattering against parked vehicles or the building itself, gravel
migrating and spilling over into the garden, and channels and ruts developing that make it difficult to
walk or drive on.

We at Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd. lay gravel the right way, using a stabilised grid system and timber, brick or
concrete edge restraints, coupled with proper preparation. The area needs to be level and clear of
vegetation, before the sub-soil is hard packed and topped with a porous weed control membrane.

We then “pave” the area inside the restraining edge with heavy duty plastic grids, designed like a
honeycomb with open spaces, which will stabilise the gravel when it is spread on the top, still
allowing for water to drain through. The gravel lays on top of a strong porous layer of type 3
aggregate. The aggregate lays on top of the soil which and is separated by a geo textile membrane
which prevents any weed growth and contamination of the aggregate by soil.

The result is an attractive, tidy and constrained sweep of gravel that will stay looking pristine for
years. Maintenance is easy – if by chance it the gravel becomes “mussed” you can simply rake it back
into position.

Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd. are experts at laying stabilised gravel surfaces in all sorts of situations, including
garden landscaping. Give us a call and we’ll start your project with a free consultation with one of
our designers, who will explain the stabilised gravel process and help you decide on a suitable colour
and grade of gravel for the job. You’ll receive a no-obligation quotation, and once you’ve accepted
we’ll schedule the work at your convenience.

Before you know it you’ll be parking up with the satisfying crunch of gravel under your wheels!

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Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd.  We are a Coredrive recognised installer. Watch the video below that explains the COREgravel process. 

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