Resin Bound Driveways WELLS, GLASTONBURy, shepton mallet & somerset

Resin Bound Driveways Wells, Shepton Mallet, Glastonbury & Somerset

If you’re looking for a driveway surfacing solution that is a cut above the rest, and certainly more
stylish than a swathe of tarmac, consider the fantastic aesthetic and functional benefits of a resin
bound naturally sourced mix of gravel, shingle, quartz, crushed granite or other aggregates.

The very latest in outdoor surfacing technology, premium resin bound paving gives the classy look
and durability of freshly laid gravel without the messiness, providing a smooth, solid permeable
surface with no rough, loose stones. Crucially it allows rainwater to drain away.

The component aggregates – available in a wide range of colour combinations and textures – are
bound together with a high-tech, clear UV-stable polyurethane resin. The mixing process must be
carefully controlled to ensure that each particle of aggregate is thoroughly coated in resin, before
the mix is hand-trowelled on to the surface and left to dry.

Here at Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd. our specialists lay the resin bound surfacing in a layer about 18mm thick, on
top of a layer of porous asphalt, the asphalt lays on top of a strong porous layer of type 3 aggregate.
The aggregate lays on top of the soil which and is separated by a geo textile membrane which
prevents any weed growth and contamination of the aggregate by soil.

The durability of the resultant surface is remarkable, and there is no danger of it cracking or
becoming uneven for many years.

There is a vast choice of colour palettes available for resin bound paving, created by blending
together different forms of aggregate. Different textures can also be created to suit different
applications – for example soft aggregates like marble chips won’t take the weight of cars but can
look stunning on a footpath. The secret to success with resin bound surfaces is to choose the right
mix for the job, and with our expert knowledge we are well able to assist and advise you.

Our team is trained, qualified and experienced in the installation of resin bound surfaces in all sorts
of situations, from commercial yards, car parks and patios to domestic driveways, garden paths and
swimming pool surrounds.

Resin bound surfacing should not be confused with cheaper, less efficient and non-porous resin
bonded paving, often offered as a generic product by unscrupulous installers to unwitting
consumers who don’t know the difference.

At Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd. we only lay superior resin bound paving because it is longer-lasting, thicker,
permeable to water and therefore compliant with SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) regulations.

While the true bound resin we use is made by mixing aggregate completely with resin and trowelling
a thick layer on to the surface, the low-cost bonded alternative is made by smearing on a thin layer
of resin and then sprinkling loose aggregate on top of it. It’s sometimes termed “scattercoat” paving.

The bonded version thus leaves a rough surface with the aggregate working loose over time. Bonded
resin paving also does not allow for water drainage and therefore requires the addition of soakaway
solutions for rainwater, to avoid flooding, and is non-compliant with SUDs regulations.

If you need a bound resin surfacing solution that lasts, applied by experienced, trustworthy and
reliable operators, call Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd. for a free quotation.

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