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What Resin Bound Colours Are Available?

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) must be adopted due to UK Government Legislation. SuDS are surface water and drainage management methods designed to tackle the amount of excess water in a more sustainable and economical way.

There is no better choice for covering a large area such as a driveway, car park or long footpath than to use resin-bound surfacing. This incredibly versatile and practical material is flexible, resistant to cracking and easy to maintain, yet it is permeable and therefore meets the requirements of SUDS (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems) standards, helping to prevent standing water and eliminating surface water runoff.

Here at Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd. we have a highly qualified team dedicated to expertly laying resin-bound surfacing according to industry guidelines, in Somerset and elsewhere in southern England.

This fantastic surfacing solution is extremely popular for both commercial and residential applications, and no wonder because it combines the best of both worlds, providing the drainage ability and appearance of a loose gravel driveway, with the durability and convenience of block paving.

Resin bound paving technology involves mixing an aggregrate with a specialised resin and trowelling it on to a prepared surface. When it is dry it remains permeable to water, but forms a firm, attractive surface with no loose stones, impervious to weeds. The only care it needs to stay looking good as new for many years is an occasional pressure wash.

Architects and designers are understandably raving about the properties of resin bound surfacing, which, besides giving a natural appearance and being an environmentally friendly material, is also available in a stunning range of stone colours from ivory shades through to beiges, browns, terracotta and yellowish hues. Logos or patterns can be integrated seamlessly in the finished surface.

If you’d like to find out more about resin bound surfacing, contact us and we’ll be happy to explain the technology, benefits and pricing.

If you would like to enquire into our surfacing services we provide, such as asphalt, then please contact us for more information.    
Resin Colour Options

Resin Surfacing Benefits

  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • High Flexible, Durable & Resistant To Cracking
  • No Loose Stones Or Weeds
  • Solvent Free
  • Odour Free During & After Application
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Biomass-Based Resin Component
  • Produces Stunning Surfaces
  • SuDS Compliant
  • Internal & External Use
  • Adaptable Curing Times
  • Perfect For Harmony With Existing Environment
  • Excellent Anti-Slip / Skid Properties
  • Unaffected By Freeze / Thaw Or Salts

Stabilised Gravel Surfacing

Gravel is one of the most popular, versatile surfacing materials on the planet. But without sufficient support it moves around, creating mess and ends up where it shouldn’t. The stabilised gravel system has stable grids creating a naturally porous base that the gravel sits and stays. It’s easy to lay, inexpensive, SUDS compliant and very attractive – a perfect surfacing solution. What projects is stabilised gravel perfect for? Paths, patios, walkways, driveways, cycle tracks, disabled access, access roads, car parks, bridleways, stables and more.

If you decide to opt for a loose gravel driveway surface, here at Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd. we can ensure that whatever shade or grade of gravel you choose to have laid stays put, right where you want it, with no spilling over onto the lawn or flower beds. You’ll also be able to be confident that your gravel driveway won’t develop jarring ruts, sploshy puddles or unsightly potholes.

How is this possible? Because when our Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd. surfacing experts lay gravel they use stabilisation grids made up of hexagonal cells. When the gravel is poured into the honeycomb grid and the top smoothed off the gravel is held firmly in place, permanently.

Speak to us at Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd. before you consider laying a traditional gravel driveway and we will explain how the stabilised gravel surfacing method we use can save you a great deal in maintenance costs down the line, and make your gravel surface far easier to use.


Asphalt Surfacing

The familiar black tarry bitumen substance known as asphalt has been used for generations for road surfacing, and still remains a popular choice among both home-owners and commercial enterprises for providing a serviceable, waterproof, affordable surface for driveways and car parks.

Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd. ’ surfacing team are adept at asphalting, and we’d be happy to give you a free no-obligation quotation for professionally coating your parking lot, footpath or driveway.

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Here at Landscaping Works (SW) Ltd. , we offer driveways, landscaping and garden design services in Somerset for a whole range of requirements. From residential to commercial projects, our team is here to help every step of the way. Our landscape gardeners are fully trained, qualified and insured to carry out all types and sizes of works.

We are experts in new driveways in Wells, Glastonbury, Shepton Mallet and across Somerset. 

We offer a full range of landscaping services for domestic and commercial works. Visit our landscaping services page for more details on what we can provide.

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